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Update Gloves System 27.05.2022
postat de maNIa acum 4 saptamani

So here is the glove system menu. How it works:

1. Gloves system is at menu M 9 7
2. During your game you have 15% chance to drop a glove case. Glove cases are separate from skins cases.
3. Both types of cases can be opened with the same keys. There are no keys for skins and keys for gloves. Are one and only.
4. Once you drop a glove case, you have to open it. Now you have 10% chances to win a glove skin. Other 90%, obviously is to get nothing.
5. All skins will have a default glove skin (white & black) even if you don't have that glove skin yet.
6. Once you have a glove skin, you can put it on what weapon you want. (here there are some skins which I couldn't make it with this system integrated, like M4A1 Red Jackal, AWP Red Jackal, AWP Neon Rider, USP Red Jackal, Deagle M8 Magnum Desperado and USP Red Jackal). Example: if you set a glove to weapon AWP ... all your awp skins will have that glove, but not red jackal).
7. You go to glove menu, press set a glove to a weapon and then a menu will show up: there you will see only the weapons where you have skins. If you don't have any skin for AWP for example, there you will not see AWP, until you drop some.
8. After you put the glove on the weapon, it will remain on that weapon, you cannot take it back and move it to another weapon. After that you can change the glove skin only if you put another glove skin on that weapon. On same weapon you can have 1, 2, 3 ... all glove skins, but only one in the same time.
9. If you have a default glove skin and then apply a skin from the drop you cannot go back to the default one, unless you will drop it in a glove case. As you can see here (https://i.imgur.com/cI4Dd0z.png) if the glove name is with yellow, means that you have that skin in your inventory and you put it on the weapon. If the glove name is grey, means that it is the default one.
10. You can sell the gloves in the market, prices you will se it when you try to sell one.
11. Names of the gloves are not 1, 2, 3 ... that picture was only from testing period. Names are suggestive according to the color, so you can understand which one is.

Update SKINS 18.05.2022
postat de maNIa acum o luna

Hello everybody,

On 18.05.2022 were added more than 250 skins, having a total now of 607 skins.

Some of them might be different from the others as there are found separately on request, not as a set of what I had already already.

Giveaway ongoing on #giveaway channel on Discord . Good luck !

Update MOD 08.04.2022
postat de maNIa acum 3 luni

Salutare tuturor,

Azi noapte (08.04.2022) s-a facut update la MOD:

- Acum cand faci kill in warmup si cvarul warmup_knife_only este setat pe 1 primesti 100hp
- Rezolvat bug meniu cand ai rank maxim.
- Rezolvate buguri market name tags.
- Adaugat cvar nou: giveaway_min_players "3" (la cati jucatori sa porneasca giveawayul)
- Rezolvat un bug autologin.
- Adaugate 3 cvaruri noi pentru Weekend Event:

* weekend_event "1" (EVENT ON/OFF)
* weekend_add_friday "1" (Daca sa adauge zi ziua de vineri)
* weekend_money_bonus "25" (Cati bani sa se adauge per kill)

- Adaugat comanda /skin (consola: amx_skin): Cand esti mort si esti spectator pe cineva, poti scrie /skin pentru a vedea ce skin foloseste, pretul minim si sansa de drop/craft.
- Adaugat cvar: show_special_skins_preview 1/0 (Daca sa arate skinurile speciale in preview menu, daca este activat va genera o sansa random pentru afisarea in chat)
- Schimbat plugin tinte: rezolvat bug tinta default, acum sunt 15 tinte.
- Rezolvat bug CSGO Agents (intr-un final).
- Acum modul ruleaza pe ultimele versiuni de rehlds, regamedll, reapi, metamod si orpheu.

Addons CS:GO Classy Enahnced Version
postat de maNIa acum 3 luni

In data de 01 Aprilie 2022 a fost instalat cel mai nou update de addons CS:GO Classy. Acesta este un addons la care s-a lucrat mult, iar autorul a avut rabdare sa lucreze curat, frumos si sa curete toate bugurile.

Cateva detalii despre modul de joc al addonsului puteti gasi pe forumul nostru:

GAME PLAY / MOD DE JOC | LaLeagane - It's all about gaming!

Suntem in cautare de ADMINI!
postat de mania.jr acum 4 luni

Suntem in cautare de admini!

Asa cum spune si titlul, suntem in cautare de admini. Daca doresti sa fii admin, hai si tu o cerere pe forum!

[Ploiesti] Cereri access | LaLeagane - It's all about gaming!

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